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Riding in the remote backroads and lonely mountain highways can be the best motorcycling experience!

We are NOT a tour company!

West Coast Moto Tours (WCMT) was setup after many years of successfully fulfilling the dreams of motorcyclists in our area.  Being able to offer a transport service to and from areas in north america in the winter time monthsis what we do well.  After doing this for years, and learning of hidden secret areas to hit when riding, we now offer this service to other locals.  Come experience what hundreds of years of riding experience has taught us.  ​
WCMT are local honest motorcycle enthuiasts, with a passion for travelling to find the twisty, interesting and challenging roads of this great continent.  We like to have fun all along the way.  We are not out to offer a big tour companies product, nor do we charge their prices.  We do this out of the spite of our own interest.  If you want to own your OWN adventure on your OWN bike and ride along with us, we are the ones to take you there. 

WCMT also goes on many summer rides on the west coast which requires no trucking, that you are welcome to come along with.  Whether its an on road "wild hogs" style tour or a gravel off road adventure you desire, we can accomodate. 


Sometimes in the middle of the ride we will stop for a swim in the Sea of Cortez, lunch on a mountaintop, or even book a fishing trip for a few hours.  The Adventure is the journey, WCMT believes in everyone having a great time, and bringing back the memories of a lifetime.  Adventure is not our name, but our Philospohy.


We ride GS style bikes as we cater to all riders on or off road.  Harleys, Sportbikes, GS', or Classics are all welcome.  Try us out on any tour, you will be back for more.  BYOB - Bring your own Bike!!  We have no assosiation with any clubs, and do not promote any type of motorcycle or riding style. 

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